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VinLia Games
Based in the Netherlands

Founding Date: 
November 2016


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Eye in the Sky


We invited one of our best friends over to see a small concept of a VR game that we were working on. A quick play through and a lot of design discussion later we decided to join forces and go all out on this strange little idea we had.

VinLia Games is an independent game development studio focussing on VR co-operative experiences. We started in 2016 in co-operation with Icradin Studio with the goal of making the sharing of the VR experience more fun for everyone involved.

eye in the sky

Our first project is called Eye in the Sky. Aimed to take full advantage of VR technology and the powerful PC's it takes to run an HMD, this game allows two players to play locally on both PC and in VR at the same time. We hope that this approach to VR gaming will open the path for more wide spread adoption of the technology by introducing it to people without the "Sitting on the couch waiting for your friend to finish" effect.