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Eye in the Sky is an asymmetrical local co-op escape room where a VR player and a Computer player solve puzzles from different perspectives. The goal is to share information from each perspective and overcome the obstacles on a journey to the center of a post-apocalyptic robot planet.

Check out our steam page here!

Check out our steam page here!


asymmetrical co-op Escape Rooms


Everyone who owns a virtual reality headset has at some point wished they could share the experience with others. However this often means that the owner of the headset has to sit on the sidelines watching their friends enjoy their first steps into the vast imaginative worlds that VR has to offer.

We aim to change that!

Eye in the sky is a co-op story driven puzzle game that immerses two people in its atmosphere and challenges them with its unique mechanics.



versatility, perspective, communication


Games rely on Lighting, Perspective, Sound and Shape to create a compelling narrative within their levels. We take this a step further by giving both players a completely different view of the world.


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